An unwanted, unused or totaled car is completely waste of money unless your sell it to a wreckers and get it dismantled. There are numerous benefits to get rid of your car and one of them is to make money. Here is the top 5 ways to get rid of your car in Newcastle

  1. Wrecking

Wrecking is a popular way to dismantle non-derivable cars. And this is the best way to get rid of your car. By selling it to a wrecker you can easily make decent amount of money.

2.Donate it for charity

Give away always feel us good. If you do not need cash for your car, you can probably donate it for charity. There are number of yards which takes cars and pay to non-government agencies to help them survive for good cause.

3. Recycle 

Let’s save the environment. We all have a responsibility to keep the air, water quality to the safe level for our kids and future generation. Cars and other vehicles, when scrapped caused a lot pollution. To tackle this pollution we can safely dispose it by recycling in eco-friendly manner. We at Samir Car Removal ensure safe disposal of all vehicles at our yard and do proper recycling of metals to avoid any hazardous impact on the environment.

4. Sell Auto Parts

If your car has parts which can be re-used in other vehicles, lets sell it for cash. There is a huge demand for original auto parts in the market. Selling your car parts will fetch your good cash and also your car will be gone from your place.

So it is a win win situation for your and for the car owners looking for second hand auto parts in Newcastle, NSW.

5. Auction Houses

If you do not have much time to cal a wreckers or bargain for cash, you can simply put to online auctions where you do not need to worry about getting customers. People will bid on your car and as per your desired price it will sold out.

Wrapping up!

Let us know which method you like among the above 5. If you reside in Newcastle and looking to get rif of your old car, feel free to call @ 0402 639 249 us anytime between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday. We will come to you and tow away your unwanted car paying cash on the spot. Cheers!