How To Sell A Car In Newcastle?

There are times when you need instance cash and there is no other way except to sell out your old car. But it is not an easy job to sell an old car for cash in Newcastle. You will have to bargain with lot of car buyers, check their quotes and see the track record if they pay on time and helps in clearing the paper work.

To make your tough job easy we are sharing 5 quick tricks to find a reputed Car Wreckers in Newcastle and help you with the process as to how to sell a car for cash in Newcastle. Read on…

  1. Search For Nearby Wreckers: The very first step is to do a quick Google search and find the car wreckers near you. You can calculate the distance of their yard and decide which wrecker is closed to you. The reason why I am suggesting a nearby auto wrecker is he pickup and towing charges can save you few bucks. The wrecker would save the money and it can add up in your cash quote. Secondly, you can trust a wrecker which is near to you as, you can approach if in case there is any issue in clearing your pay cheque or you forgot to collect any of your belongings.
  2. Get Multiple Quotes: Contact as many wreckers as you can but try compare and close the deal quickly. It can help you get maximum cash for your junk car in Newcastle. Although there are a number of Car Wreckers in Newcastle, Samir Car Removals is known for offering the highest cash for cars, 4wds, UTEs, and Trucks. So, I recommend you to get quotes from couple of car buyers and compare the price quotes with our cash offer. It will help you get the best quote.
  3. Check for hidden charges: The car removal process in Newcastle may have some additional cost involved such as towing, paper work etc. Many car wreckers try to hide this cost and keep you in dark until you make the deal. These charges cost you dearly at the time of final calculations. So, it is advisable to double check and ensures if there is any sort of hidden cost involved in the process.
  4. Payment: Payment is the top priority so choose the car wrecker wisely. Go for the one who have on the spot payment option or at least within 24 hours. As you need the cash quickly and that’s the very first reason why you chose to get rid of your old car you should not take any chance on this. We at Samir Car Removals Newcastle always try our best to pay the car owner the very same day. If you have an old, unwanted or damaged car, do let us know by calling at: 0402 639 249. We give you instant quote followed by a free car inspection and on the spot payment.
  5. Environment-friendly: We love and care for our country. That makes us a responsible car wrecker. Every vehicle that we buy to wreck and dispose of, we dispose of it very responsibly and safely. We do not make any air pollution or water pollution. All our yards are eco-friendly and ensure zero pollution.

Hope it answers all your queries to sell an unwanted, scrap car. If there is still any doubt or you need any further help to decide, please fill the form above or call us at 0402 639 249 , we will help you sell your car immediately.